WhatsApp is working on new feature called “Restricted Groups” | MobileTelco

WhatsApp the most favorite messaging app is now working on new feature it is called Restricted Groups, it is a new type of Group where only administrators of the group can disable the chat feature for all the non-administrators in the group.

WhatsApp Restricted Feature

Restricted Groups feature was spotted on the iOS beta earlier, but this is the first time that we have spotted the feature on Android devices, once the chat conversation is disabled for ‘non-Admin’ people in the group, they can check only the messages in addition to the options to send a message to the group administrator or mute the group.
As per report, once the user sends a message to the group administrator, WhatsApp will send the message to the administrator as a ‘Reply’ from the group. Administrators can only restrict the group once in every 72 hours.
To use this feature, we need to wait more, just stay tune with us for the update.


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